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At Nova Associates, we're dedicated to empowering leaders and transforming teams into cohesive units that thrive on success and stability. With over a decade of expertise, our mission is to elevate your leadership and ensure your team's loyalty and productivity. We understand the challenges of staff retention and the impact it has on your business's growth and morale. Our approach is centred on providing strategic insights, actionable solutions, and continuous support to turn these challenges into opportunities for growth. We bring clarity to complex issues, direction in times of uncertainty, and a focus on sustainable success, all while infusing our partnerships with a dynamic energy that inspires change. Join us in creating an environment where leaders are empowered, teams are engaged, and businesses flourish.

Founder Story

I can still remember my first role as a manager back in 1995.

The corporate world was a very different place then. We didn’t ever question authority, always respecting those decisions made by our higher ups and the people in charge. It was exciting. I had just moved to London from Sydney and the world was my oyster.

I joined a fast paced, fast growth company, and became a manager quickly, because I was good at my role. I was excited after 6 months of working in the company to be asked to manage and grow a team and open an office for them in London.

What an exciting challenge.

What I didn’t realise was that the new role would come with a barrage of tasks and challenges.

One being retaining the staff I needed for a growing team. We had huge targets, not only to increase our bottom line, but also to grow our team. With each new team member, came a resignation.

I couldn't keep up... relationships broke down, not only with team members, but with other managers and our clients too.

I struggled.

I struggled to connect with my team.

I struggled to hit targets.

I just plain struggled.

As the days turned into months, I found myself drowning in a never-ending sea of CV's and recruitment, onboarding, on-the-job training, mistakes….leading to problems, problems, problems.

New and existing team members sought my guidance and direction, but I was too swamped with recruiting and onboarding that I had to brush them off or send them somewhere else for answers.

The revolving door spun faster. 76% turnover. Staff exhaustion mirrored my own. In that dark moment, I craved guidance, a way to clear my head and build a team that thrived, not just survived. It wasn't just about performance – it was about creating a culture where people wanted to stay, grow and contribute.

What I would've LOVED is for someone to come along and offer something to help clear my mind and build my confidence to recruit the right team and maintain them to be motivated to increase performance and profitability!

It would have meant people wanting to make a productive career within the organisation rather than lasting weeks or months before wanting to look for something else.

And when I am really honest with myself, it would have meant the difference between thriving and enjoying my 20’s instead of having a complete emotional breakdown.

I realise now that things MUST change.

Leaders and managers need support to retain staff….and they need it urgently.

The REC researched the cost to organisations of replacing someone who resigns. It costs approximately 2 and a half times someone’s salary to replace them. Let's say you have a manager who leaves on a salary of £42,000.

This will cost your company over £100,000 to replace this one manager.

We no longer have the luxury of sitting back and waiting for things to crumble.

That's why I'm passionate about helping leaders like me. Together, we can break the cycle. Are you ready to join me in this mission? Take the plunge. Let's build a future where teams flourish, not falter.

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