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Positive Intelligence® Coaching

Revolutionising Relationships, Performance, and Wellbeing.

A Revolutionary Programme for Managers with Underperforming Teams

A 7-week online programme that equips managers with the skills to confidently lead their teams so that they have greatly improved outcomes without feeling depleted at the end of every day.

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Would You Like a Proven Way to:

  • Reduce stress within yourself and your teams?

  • Forge stronger connections across the company?

  • Increase positivity and momentum among your staff?

  • Support employees when they face difficult challenges?

  • Make sure everyone is working at the top of their game?


“Your mind is constantly sabotaging your potential for both performance and happiness. All your negative emotions, including stress, are the results of self-sabotage.”

Shirzad Chamine, Founder of Positive Intelligence®

About Positive Intelligence®

What I’ve found is that most managers feel overwhelmed. They’re afraid that they are underperforming. Their job has become the greatest source of stress in their life. They’re frustrated by having to assemble a team and lead them effectively, and even worse, they’re terrified that upper management will criticise their every move.

Most of them don’t know what they need to do next, so they go out and micromanage their team or do everything themselves, which never really brings a sense of achievement or satisfaction. They keep thinking that if they can just find that magic tactic, then things will improve. The reality is that things will NOT be perfect until they stop sabotaging their own efforts and start following a proven solution for Positive Intelligence®.

In order to improve their work environment and perform their best, they must do two simple things: make a shift in their mindset and adopt the core principles of mental fitness that all successful managers must embrace.

Your Mind is Your Best Friend, but It Can Also Be Your Worst Enemy

Have you ever seen professional relationships crumble, where people felt unable to control their emotional reactions and had communication breakdowns?

Have you ever seen employees so consumed by self-doubt that they felt like there was an unrelenting storm within, making them question their worth and abilities?

Have you ever witnessed colleagues stuck in a loop of negativity, where darkness seemed to overshadow any glimpse of light?

If any of this sounds familiar, I’m happy to say there’s a solution.

Nova Genius Model

The 7-week Positive Intelligence® Programme

“Eight out of ten teams never reach their full potential. “

This is a tragedy.

The Positive Intelligence® Programme changes that.

It enables your managers and teams to achieve optimal performance and wellbeing in less than two months. But more than that, it helps ignite lasting positive change across your organisation (even if only certain groups participate).

In just seven weeks, your managers will have everything they need to drastically improve their relationships, performance, and wellbeing – and they will be able to take those skills to enact change across your entire company. 

Here’s what they get:

    • An entire suite of transformational content that has proven to improve teamwork and collaboration by 92%.
    • Continuous access to a certified Positive Intelligence®  coach that will support them on a customised journey through the programme. 
    • Bite-sized exercises to strengthen their mental muscles and build new neural pathways.
    • Access to a convenient app that provides support 24/7 and gives measurable data to gauge progress.

With this support, you are 500% more likely to make the changes needed to see results.

 * Our next 7-week programme begins on 12th February 2024. *


I’m so happy to share how Positive Intelligence (PQ) has transformed my mindset. Doing the PQ reps is nothing short of a gamechanger!

With all the client work I am doing, this helps me touch base with my senses and gain focus. Another aspect that resonated with me was the emphasis on self-command, preventing my inner judge from taking over. It is still there I must admit, but this newfound control allowed me to always bring back my sage—to be in my state of calm and clarity.

For me, this isn’t just a programme; it is a must for personal growth, guiding you to a more positive and empowered way of thinking. Thanks, Clare for introducing PQ to us! Recommending PQ to anyone seeking a transformative journey toward mental and emotional fitness!

Deborah Montano

Digital Marketing Specialist

I recently had the pleasure of attending Clare’s 7-Week Programme on Positive Intelligence. As someone interested in personal growth and developing healthy habits, I found it incredibly valuable.

Clare broke down the concept of Positive Intelligence in an accessible way, explaining how our brains have both a positive mode and a negative mode. She provided simple but profound tips for minimizing the time we spend in our brain’s negative mode. Her insight helped me understand why I sometimes engage in negative thinking patterns even when I don’t want to.

I appreciated that Clare shared relatable examples of applying Positive Intelligence techniques to my current situation. I left feeling motivated and empowered, with a renewed sense of control over my inner world.

John Carlo Cardenas

Linkedin and Email Marketing Strategist

Completing the Positive Intelligence programme with Clare has completely flipped my perspective not only in my work but in my everyday life!

This programme has helped me identify and control my judge by simply just taking a few seconds out, to assess the situation.

I found that each week of the programme added another piece to the puzzle and brought new techniques, insights, and perspectives into my life.

Thank you Clare!

Haris Chaudhry

Content and Media Assistant