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The A-Star Management Programme

Promoting a culture of exceptional managers so that organisations maximise time, resources and personnel.

A Programme for Busy Managers

The A-Star Programme is designed for new and emerging managers to strengthen their leadership, magnify their influence, and pave the way to lead their teams to success.

Give Your Managers the

A-Star Advantage

Being a new manager is hard. Even for the most gifted individuals, the process of becoming a leader is an arduous, albeit rewarding, journey of continuous learning and self-development.

Organisations suffer considerable human and financial costs when someone talented is promoted, yet not given the proper support to be successful.



We offer a dynamic programme for organisations to enrol their new and emerging managers to receive the training, support, and community that we all wish we had when first beginning.

As a member of the A-Star Management Programme, your managers will get:

  • Comprehensive video modules so they can learn at their own pace and convenience, ensuring they can absorb the valuable insights and strategies provided by the programme.  
  • Interactive workbooks for self-reflection, practical application, goal setting, and personalisation.
  • Ancillary content to further deepen and support their learning.
  • Quarterly live virtual learning sessions that deliver real-time, up-to-date and hands-on practical current and relevant information.  
  • Access to an engaged community that allows them to collaborate with fellow managers, exchanging knowledge, gaining new perspectives and sharing experiences and best practices.


Immersve Labs Framework


Our comprehensive Immersive Labs comprise nine modules and are specifically designed to equip your managers  with the essential tools and strategies to navigate the day-to-day challenges of their role.

This section offers an in-depth look at the practical side of being a manager, covering a wide range of vital topics including goal setting, strategic thinking, effective communication, and change agility.

We recognise that successful management requires a strong foundation of practical skills, so our modules are tailored to provide managers with actionable insights and hands-on techniques.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved Decision-Making
  • Goal Achievement and Success
  • Greater Job Satisfaction
  • Higher Team Outcomes
  • Enhanced Leadership Skills

Tiny Programmes

Our engaging Tiny Programmes consist of nine modules designed to address the essential aspects of managing your managers’ mental health in the workplace.

With a focus on the emotional side of being a manager, our programme delves into crucial topics such as perseverance, boundaries, sleep, and stress. Each lesson is delivered in bite-size chunks so that managers can get exactly what they need when they need it.

We understand that managing a team can often take a toll on a manager’s overall well-being, which is why we are dedicated to providing practical tools and techniques to support them along the way.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Enhanced Emotional Resilience
  • Improved Work-Life Balance
  • Increased Productivity and Performance
  • Improved Team Dynamics
  • Reduced Absenteeism
Nova Genius Model

Live Virtual Learning Sessions

Throughout the span of 12 months, your management team will have the opportunity to participate in four live 1-hour learning sessions. These sessions are conducted virtually and deliver current and relevant information to support your managers  in their managerial role.

By participating, they get:

  • Facilitated Active Learning: Managers will engage in active learning and immerse themselves in the content, asking questions, and interacting with the facilitator and other attendees.
  • Shared Experiences: Managers will connect and share their experiences and insights to address their unique situations quickly.
  • Up-to-date Information: Managers will stay on top of the latest trends and best practices, with content tailored that’s constantly updated according to today’s needs for them.

    Full Access Pass Community

    As a member of the A-Star Programme, your managers will have an all-access pass to a thriving online community for managers, where like-minded professionals come together to connect, collaborate, and grow.

    This vibrant community serves as a valuable platform for managers to share experiences, exchange knowledge, and support each other on their professional journeys.

    By being part of the community, your managers have opportunities for:

    • Networking and Relationship Building
    • Peer Learning and Support
    • Collaboration
    • Emotional Support 
    • A Sense of Belonging 

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    Q: What happens if one of the attendees can’t attend a group call?
    A: Group Calls will be recorded, and uploaded onto the portal, so you can catch up whenever you have time.
    Q: Which tier should we sign up to?
    A: It depends on your requirements. If you would like your managers to act more like a team, not working in silos, and feeling empowered to solve problems, tier 2 would be the best option.
    Q: How do I organise the groups?
    A: We will send you the availability of times and dates, then you can organise the groups to fit in with the availability. Also think about who would work well together, being a support network for each other. 
    Q: How will the coaching sessions be run?
    A: There will be 2 coaches throughout the programme who will run each session. They will find out what you are finding difficult, and coach individuals as required. The coaching sessions are for 1 hour and are virtual. There will be activities in the session, depending on what is required. The coaches are trained to be flexible.
    Q: How will we know how the groups are progressing?
    A: We will do a pre-programme questionnaire to find out where the attendees feel they need development, rating themselves. We will then do a reset session halfway through the programme, and we will get evaluation forms filled in throughout the programme. Both coaches will be communicating with each other, making notes on the progression of the attendees.
    Q: What if one of the managers cannot attend for the whole programme, either with long term sickness or they leave the company?
    A: We will discuss the situation with you, looking at what you would want, and how we can help you.
    Q: What happens if I get negative feedback? Can I get a refund?
    A: We will discuss the situation with you, finding out the reasons why, what has happened, and a solution to suit both you and Nova Associates.
    Q: How often are payments made and how do I pay them?
    A: You can either pay the whole amount in full, and get a discount. Or you can pay monthly by direct debit.
    Q: If we want to continue after the 12 months, will we need to pay the same amount?
    A: We will discuss exactly what you want from your next year’s programme, how we can help you, and agree on the payments.


    Q: If we have more than one group, will we get a discount?
    A: It would depend on how many groups you have, and when they started. We will discuss this at the time.
    Q: How often do you add new content?
    A: We will add new content continuously, letting the attendees know when it is added.
    Q: How much work do I need to do on my own, watching and completing the content?
    A: As this is a very practical programme, you will need to continuously practice the methods in the workplace. The theory, watching the videos and completing the worksheets will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour per week. The more you do, the more you will learn.
    Q: Do I need to watch all the videos and complete all worksheets?
    A: The answer is YES for all Tiers, if you want to get the most out of the programme. Where there is group coaching, the coaches will guide you as to which videos and worksheets will need to be completed by the next group coaching session. The coaching sessions will be based around the videos and worksheets completed.


    Q: How will I know what to do to complete the content?
    A: In each group coaching session, the coaches will tell you which videos and worksheets will need to be completed by the next group coaching session.

    After training with Clare, I feel so much more confident in my own abilities and am now equipped with a toolkit of practical tips and methods to support me in my role. Her approach is grounded in understanding yourself as an individual – your internal barriers and drivers – and understanding how to utilise that for professional success. 

    Alexandra Neale

    Managing Director, Antidote Communications