Good Parenting and Good Management: The Surprising Symmetry of Work and Home in 3 Simple Steps 

In the complex tapestry of life, the skills deployed as managers often share surprising parallels with the art of parenting. Renowned author and parent, Shirzad Chamine, highlights the importance of authenticity in all aspects of life. If success as a leader at work doesn’t translate into feeling proficient as a parent at home, it’s a cue to reevaluate our approach to both roles. 

Common Threads Between Parenting and Management 

Managing a team effectively demands a set of skills similar to those required for good parenting. Whether at home or in the workplace, the top three elements that contribute to a positive environment are creating a safe space, active listening combined with a thorough understanding of needs and values, and decisive action.

Emotional Triggers: The Untold Connection 

Emotional triggers can disrupt both professional and personal spheres. Recognising the parallel between effective parenting and successful management is pivotal. The principles of empathy, active listening, and understanding the needs of each individual can translate into effective team leadership. Feelings are important to feel. Acknowledging and experiencing emotions is crucial. Cultivating an environment where employees can express their feelings without judgement creates a workplace culture worth staying in. 

Nurturing Work-Life Balance 

Good parenting involves recognising the significance of work-life balance. Managers who empathise with employees’ personal lives can implement policies promoting a healthier equilibrium. This includes fostering a culture valuing well-being, embracing flexible work arrangements, and setting reasonable workload expectations. 

Collaboration and Effective Communication 

Effective communication is the linchpin of both parenting and management. Just as parents guide their children through challenges, managers can guide their teams to collaborate successfully. The adage “Child-Focused Adult-Led” mirrors the essence of listening to your team to lead and manage effectively. 

Managing Emotional Triggers – A Practical Approach 

When emotional triggers hit, whether at work or home, a three-step approach can be instrumental in untangling the emotional knot.  

  1. Recognising the trigger
  2. Start good balanced breathing
  3. Engaging unbiased wisdom to help restore equilibrium

This process, surprisingly, works both ways—skills honed at home contribute to success at work, and vice versa. 

Trust me – Step 1 is the biggest mental fitness muscle that you will benefit from developing in 2024 (or any year). 

Management and Parenting 

In the intricate dance between managing a team and parenting, the key lies in recognising the shared principles that govern success in both domains. By applying the same foundational skills, such as empathy, active listening, and a commitment to work-life balance, one can manage the challanges of leadership and parenting with authenticity and effectiveness. 

For example, a recent client with a blended household, with 3 children residing in two different homes, discovered the importance of tailoring bedtime routines to each child’s unique preferences. The eldest child found reassurance in reading a different book in each house, while the younger sibling preferred the consistency of the same book. Through clear communication, empathy, and support, these distinct needs were addressed. Within just two weeks of implementing this simple adjustment, bedtime became a more harmonious experience.  

Remember, sometimes it’s the smallest steps that kickstart your journey, and by asking the right questions, you uncover the path to the next right step. Both at work AND at home. 

This blog is written by Chloë Aldam, founder of The Parenting Hearth, who has dedicated herself to guiding overwhelmed and busy parents through the intricate process of untangling emotional triggers and rediscovering joy in family life. She is also a proud Mum to 3 growing kids, 2 Maine Coons & 2 Icelandic Horses. 

At the heart of her mission is the creation of rock-solid family foundations. Whether working intuitively within groups or providing private support, she artfully weaves Positive Intelligence® to weaken our internal saboteurs and strengthen wisdom and multiple Brain Integration Technique (mBIT) awareness into the transformative fabric of family life.  

Chloë’s guidance is an invitation to a journey of transformation, of knowing & understanding our inner critical voices. She encourages parents to align with their hearts and embrace simplicity in parenting, spanning the tender years of toddlers to the tumultuous teens. With a keen emphasis on integration, Chloë coaches parents through an inner-to-outer alignment, embracing the wisdom residing in the head, heart, and gut. 

Feel free to connect with Chloë Aldam or visit her website.