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If you ask me, true leaders are always striving for success.  

It takes a lot of skill, learning, and effort to be successful, it also takes a mindset that I can’t really describe in words. There are many facets and many traits. The one trait that really stands out for me is perseverance.  

Defining Perseverance 

Perseverance is an unwavering drive to continue moving forward no matter the challenges, setbacks, or obstacles that may raise their head. When it comes to leadership, Perseverance isn’t just about pushing through difficult circumstances; it’s a mindset.  

A mindset driven by your ability to lead, your limiting beliefs, your values and, perhaps most importantly, your purpose. When these individual drivers align, a force that is created that is powerful enough to ensure our goals are achieved and that we can make a lasting impact on the world.  

For context, my world revolves around leaders using social media to show up and share their message. In order to get the results they want, often I’m having to remind them of all the reasons why they should persevere. That’s why perseverance is, for me, a standout leadership trait.  

The Power of Perseverance: Unleashing Leadership through a Growth Mindset

Here are just a few observations I’ve made in my work that help define the importance of this.  

1. Leaders recognise they’re not immune to failure – they choose to embrace it. It’s those of us who recognise that our response to failure is what separates us. We see setbacks as opportunities for growth and ask ourselves what we can learn from the experience. We inspire our teams to persevere by being the example and evidencing that success isn’t guaranteed.  

We record that video, hit go on that live and there’s tumbleweed – and we go again with the belief that through our determination, willingness to learn and accept feedback and yes – pure tenacity that success will come.  

By leading by example, a culture of perseverance is being created, and it represents far more than a few social media videos. It represents a culture of innovation and continuous improvement too that exists across the whole of the organisation. 

2. Leaders get tripped up by their limiting beliefs – when they allow them to take control. Those self-imposed mental barriers are nothing more than a hindrance to success and are often rooted in a fear of failure or a lack of confidence. Even those of us who have worked on our mindset and wide-open in our thinking can fall foul of a limiting belief. (Don’t be fooled into thinking you only those with fixed mindsets have them!)  

This crops up when I ask leaders to use their voice and express their expertise publicly, the belief that they may not be listened to, or the belief they may be called out in a public domain can be paralysing. Those that feel the fear, and do it anyway are the leaders who understand that the possibility of a setback is not a reflection of the value they can bring, it’s an opportunity for growth! Those of us who choose to challenge our limiting beliefs not only access our full potential – we inspire others to do the same! 

3. Values drive perseverance. Our values are our inner guiding compass, as individuals we have them – and as businesses! Our content and marketing strategy should, and will naturally, promote these values.  

It’s these that will attract the right people to us, the right prospects. More than that though, in the realms of leadership, our values play a crucial role in our perseverance. They become our non-negotiables and therefore guide our actions, decisions, and responses in all areas of life.  

As leaders, when our actions and our core values are in alignment, we gain a sense of purpose. Purpose is one of the biggest drivers when it comes to feeling that fire in your belly that fuels you to go for those goals with unrelenting drive and overcome all obstacles. It takes perseverance to stay true to our values and, as leaders, inspire others to do the same. 

The Power of Perseverance: Unleashing Leadership through a Growth Mindset

Here’s my caveat when it comes to perseverance… 

Perseverance without purpose lacks direction. As leaders, we must have a clear and compelling if we want people to come with us and to be able to motivate them during difficult times. Purpose fuels the drive and determination we need to persevere when the challenges ahead create uncertainty or appear to be unsurmountable. It gifts us with the resilience to weather storms and find creative solutions when we need them most.  

Perseverance is not a stand-alone thing that I see in the leaders I work with – it’s part of a wider mindset that shows up in those who show leadership qualities, challenge their limiting beliefs, and embody their purpose.   

I see it in how they engage in their marketing activity, and in their wider business affairs. They create a culture of growth and resilience in their organisations and embrace innovation. They see the setbacks and recognise them as points of growth and learning and they inspire others by challenging their own limiting beliefs regularly. Add to this the impact of clear values and purpose, the power of perseverance becomes unquestionable. 

Passionate about getting businesses seen and heard online, Christina Robinson has worked with a range of independent businesses throughout the UK to launch their online presence, develop and implement digital strategies that meet objectives, and nurture online audiences.  

Christina says, “In today’s world, it doesn’t matter how big or small your marketing budget is. You can represent one of the biggest names in your industry or an unknown start-up who set up shop yesterday – the tools are just as accessible. You just need to know how to use them.” 

Christina Robinson is the MD of Green Umbrella Marketing, a specialist marketing agency focused on social media, website design, and other online and offline marketing services. Find out more about her through her social media platforms and her website https://www.green-umbrella.biz/