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Some Might Say We’re…

“Very engaging and informative. Had a lot of curve balls and entertained them well.”

– Lisa Booth, HR Manager at Understanding Recruitment




Clare Davis

CEO & Founder of Nova Associates

Clare Davis is a management and mental health trainer, coach, author, and facilitator who works with individuals and organisations to leverage their focus so they can unleash the untapped potential of everyone on the team. Using real-world examples, Clare sheds light on how the invaluable talent each person brings to your organisation can positively impact your mission.

With over 20 years of training experience, a knack for making meaningful connections with audiences, and an insatiable appetite for helping managers usher in a culture of wellbeing, Clare knows how to simultaneously rock a platform and deliver strategies for practical application of her content.

Nick Poulton

Media & Broadcast Leader

Nick has spent more than twenty years leading large and complex operational teams for international broadcast, media, and tech companies.  Working with teams across Europe, Asia, and the United States, Nick has developed a range of comprehensive leadership capabilities and deep industry knowledge, which complement his empathic coaching and mentoring style. 

As an internationally accredited Mental Health First Aider, Nick actively supports a non-profit men’s mental wellbeing initiative, Dudes and Dogs, and their vision for men in every corner of the world to communicate openly. As one of their ‘Dudes’, he helps men open up mental health conversations.

Tom Mortimer

Business Coach

Tom is a big ideas man who is happiest when coaching and managing people via storytelling. This is because Tom believes that the key to making any business work is making the “numbers and the ideas” come to life and relevant for everyone. He has lived this directly as a digital creative agency owner for 25 years, growing up in a market that was evolving rapidly every day, requiring constant agile thinking and learning. He is a problem solver.

He has managed many many multi-disciplinary teams from 4 to 100 people and has an enormous client list totalling over 130 in every business sector –  from Nike to  Virgin, Harvey Nichols to Dreams, Natwest to Deutsche Bank, Mastercard, Metlife, Fedex and UPS,  and his work has been recognised at the Bafta’s, Webby’s and D&Ad.

Fabiola Doano

Mental Health & Well-Being Trainer

Faby has a passion to help HR, well-being and leadership in organisations support their teams, offering mental health training when they have mental health concerns. 

Faby has observed a variety of different environments, being a part of diverse teams. This is why Faby fully understands the pressures to meet deadlines and hit targets, leading her to train as a Mental Health First Aid (Adult) Instructor through MHFA England. 

Since completing the qualification, Faby has helped many teams in organisations from leaders, to managers to staff raise mental health awareness, use preventative measures for positive mental health and support teams where there are mental health concerns.

Monica Kleijn Evason

Storytelling Coach & Keynote Speaker

Monica has been coaching and facilitating for over 17 years with a successful track record across corporate and medical sectors.

She is comfortable delivering in many different formats, from 1:1 coaching to keynotes with audiences of hundreds in both Spanish and English. She thrives in facilitating highly interactive, experiential sessions, using a peer learning approach. 

Her personal commitment to continuous self-development, combined with her dedication to delivery excellence, has a real impact on success with clients, as evidenced in consistently high contract growth and renewal rates. Monica whole heartedly believes in building long term relationships and maximising impact through tailored, co-created content.

Abigail Ireland

Banking & Finance Professional

Abigail coaches, trains, and advises ambitious managers and teams seeking to achieve peak performance. She provides her clients with powerful and practical ways to enhance success habits, personal effectiveness, and business results on a sustainable basis. She spent over a decade in front-line private equity, acquisition finance, and corporate banking roles, as well as in strategy and business management. 

Abigail’s unique approach is based on a comprehensive blend of science, psychology, research and first-hand experience – ensuring all factors are addressed. Abigail’s eclectic corporate and wellness background combine to give managers powerful and practical ways to enhance performance, personal effectiveness and business results.

Ethan Tan

Executive, Life, Leadership, & Career Development Coach

Ethan Tan is an executive life and transformational coach based in London. He formerly worked in the tech world and now his clients include entrepreneurs, founders and leaders at Amazon, Facebook and Google. He has trained and studied with world-leading coaches and experts to continuously evolve himself and amplify his ability to evoke transformation in others.

Ethan believes material success without inner success is hollow. He also believes inner peace without worldly impact is wasteful. His coaching goes beyond traditional goals and challenges to the core of being. His clients become leaders who create success as a byproduct. He is fiercely devoted to helping clients wake up to life to who they are and to live from their true potential.

Josie Walden

Facilitator and Learning & Development Specialist

Josie is an engaging and energetic trainer with a strong commercial background in consumer insight based in New Zealand.  She’s passionate about helping people build confidence in their abilities and loves seeing people walk taller by the end of her sessions.  She believes that training should be highly interactive, extremely practical and above all, enjoyable. With a BSc in Psychology, Josie loves to bring science to life in her sessions in relatable ways.

Throughout her career, she has led training, workshops, and insight projects in New Zealand and Europe for industry leaders such as Philips, GSK, Unilever and Diageo. This broad experience, coupled with raising 3 kids in the mix, means Josie always has an anecdote to share and a real-life scenario to tie discussion to.

Kirstie Sneyd

Executive & Maternity Coach, Behaviour Change Specialist

Kirstie has over 20 years of coaching and leadership development experience, and her background in management consultancy provides her with an excellent understanding of the issues facing business leaders and an appreciation of the benefits and impact of coaching. 

She works as an executive coach with board members, directors and senior leaders as well as coaching more junior team members. Her specialist interest is helping individuals through transition, whether that’s moving up to the next leadership level, managing a return to work or making career decisions.

Rebecca Shannon

Executive, Life, Leadership, & Career Development Coach

Rebecca is acknowledged to be the standout coach working with management teams. She calls people on their struggles, holds up the flat mirror we all need, and cuts through the noise and stories that we all tell ourselves every day.

Drawing upon over 20 years of experience in coaching, training & mentoring, she works with senior people & leadership teams to help them achieve the clarity they need to achieve their ambitions, and to become the very best possible versions of themselves. She has adopted a uniquely holistic approach to coaching, helping people with all aspects of their lives, from the intensely private to the published corporate goals. 

Clare D.

Founder / CEO

Nick P.

Broadcast Leader

Tom M.

Business Coach

Fabiola D.

Mental Health Trainer

Monica K.E.

Storytelling Coach

Abigail I.

Banking & Finance Pro

Ethan T.

Career Development Coach

Josie W.

Learning Development Specialist

Kirstie S.

Executive & Maternity Coach

Rebecca S.

Career Development Coach

Fenella H.

Mindset Coach

Ruth F.