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I remember leaving the office at 8 p.m. when I first started in management. I could have probably left at 6 p.m., but if the leadership found out, I would have been told I wasn’t committed. I was exhausted because I began working at 7 a.m. to get myself organised before the team came in. I couldn’t even cook dinner or talk to my partner, let alone exercise or go to the gym. I’d take off my shoes and collapse into bed.

I felt stuck and overwhelmed with no end in sight. I didn’t know how much longer I could cope before it was too late……

 Does this story ring a bell?

 Get active

As my career progressed, I’ve realised how important being active is, even when I didn’t think I had the energy to do so.

 A counter to long hours

When I first started managing people, I remember working long hours. So often I did not prioritise being active, as my work was ‘more important.’ I have realised over time that I need to plan to be active because otherwise often I do not do it. When I stop doing yoga, walking, and swimming because I’m ‘too busy’, I find my emotions becoming unstable, and I lose focus and fail to lead others effectively. I find that exercising helps me clear my mind. Remember that mindfulness is about creating headspace.

 Fit it into your day

We need to make sure we are doing some form of activity to help our emotions. When I was working in London, I would get off the tube a few stops early and walk the rest of the way to work. I would also take the stairs instead of the escalator. This meant that I was able to bring activity into my day without much effort. I’ve also discovered that going to the gym for exercise classes takes up too much time and does not always fit into my schedule. I’ve now subscribed to online classes so that I can fit them in whenever it’s convenient for me.

Stop feeling guilty
As managers, why do we often put ourselves last? Why do we feel guilty when we are spending time on ourselves? So often it can be due to fear. We may be too concerned that if we do not perform, we will not be recognised as being good managers and others will do better than us.

 Keep in mind that you are leading a team. You need to make sure your fitness is managed, as your fitness will help your emotional fitness. If your emotions are on an even keel, you will be able to lead others more confidently. Take time to look after yourselves.

What exercise are you going to do to clear your head and relax?

Why not start doing it today? You’ll be amazed by how much being physically active and fit affects your emotional fitness.

 Do you need help in bringing emotional fitness and positive mental health to your team? Let’s have a chat and see how I can assist you.