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Let’s talk about how Managers can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) effectively when recruiting for their teams.  

 “In a world where humans and AI coexist, the most challenging aspect lies not in the technology itself, but in our ability to preserve and cultivate the essence of human connection” (ChatGPT) 

I recently asked a candidate who received multiple job offers from leading firms why she selected a particular employer. Her answer convinced me that even ChatGPT knows its role in attracting top talent. She accepted the offer from the company that created the most attractive experience. She was won over by personalised, consistent communication.  

As we move into 5IR (5th Industrial Revolution) characterised by an unprecedented synergy between human and machine intelligence, what are the factors that will equip you to attract the best people for your team to thrive in 2024 and beyond?  

Here are some practical tips:

1. Embrace AI as a Collaborator, not a Replacement

As a manager, you need to view AI as a collaborator to attract, select, and retain the best people for your teams, rather than replacing your full recruitment process with technology. Top talent is drawn to a personalised candidate experience that maximises the human connection.   

Invest your time in establishing the tools that enable AI to handle repetitive tasks and to streamline your processes, so that you can devote more attention to fostering a magnetic experience for potential employees. 

2. Acknowledge the Power of Authenticity

More than ever, people want ‘the real deal.’ Use technology to create compelling communication, but don’t become vanilla in your brand by copying and pasting generated content. Employ sequence maps to reach out to your network, but ensure that you enable personalised options to maximise the human element when reaching out to your target market.  

Practise self-care so that you don’t strip yourself from the capacity to engage with joy, empathy, and curiosity with candidates, both online and in person. 

Managers: Use AI for Successful Team Recruitment in 2024

3. Carefully Consider Video Interviews 

While video interviews offer convenience, you should carefully consider their use for meetings with potential employees. Virtual platforms decrease the human connection, and video interviews may not showcase the skills required for success in your roles.  

Carefully consider suitable platforms to engage with candidates at different stages of your recruitment process and ensure that you select user-friendly technology that creates a simple, engaging experience for those interested in applying for your roles. Where you do select to engage virtually, display genuine curiosity in each candidate’s motivation and future aspirations; your human-centred approach will counteract the unavoidable loss of connection.  

 4. Update Role Requirements 

AI is reshaping the workplace, necessitating a re-evaluation of the skills required for long-term success. As a manager, refresh your job descriptions before you start advertising your roles and focus on purpose and impact, incorporating skills like prompt engineering, critical thinking, agility, curiosity, and resilience. If you don’t thoughtfully consider your current and future role requirements, you risk mismatching candidates to outdated job descriptions, wasting both your time and theirs.  

5. Develop Critical Soft Skills 

To attract and select top talent, excel in emotional intelligence, empathy, and active listening when engaging with candidates. In an increasingly digital world, opt for in-person interviews wherever possible. Your soft skills are invaluable to minimise bias and to probe deeper around your role and culture-fit requirements, allowing both parties to experience a recruitment process focused on long-term success.    

In the words of my favourite quote by Maya Angelou, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  

This blog has been written by our guest, Jane Moors. As a Talent Expert, Jane Moors delights in training hiring managers globally to attract and select top talent for their teams. As a Career Coach, she gives candidates the skills and confidence they need to succeed in interviews.  

You can find out more about Jane Moors and the work she does at Outerbox Thinking by visiting their website https://outerboxthinking.com. Feel free to connect with Jane on LinkedIn.