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“When you swim in deep water, adjust your strokes to get to the land.”  

This year definitely tested us, and we are now heading into the holiday season. You might think we will probably have many more challenges in 2024. 

Rather than succumbing to negativity, let’s think of what we can do to help ourselves through Christmas so we can recharge for the new year.   

How can we turn the negative thoughts into positive thoughts?  

The main thing to do is to build our resilience muscle and learn to bounce back when we are feeling overwhelmed.  

What does this mean?  

We can choose the way we think when challenges occur, so we feel wiser, more confident, and more empowered.  

What daily challenges have you had to deal with recently?  

How are you coping with these challenges?  

What are you doing to build your core positive mental muscles when you are feeling like you cannot cope?  

Managers: 5 Ways to Develop Your Positive Mental Muscles for Christmas

If we don’t learn to understand and manage our emotions, our mental health, and even our life is at risk. Poor mental health can become a downward spiral that affects our relationships, our performance at work, and our physical health if we don’t do something about it. This is why we need to use preventative measures. 

Here are 5 things I have brought into my day to develop my positive mental muscles: 

1. Have a purpose for the day. Know what I want to achieve and aim to achieve it. I don’t make the goals too large, as I know if I try to do too many things I will find it overwhelming. I have understood I should aim to achieve fewer things, and not try to cram too many things into my day.  

2. Make sure to have a routine. Every morning I make sure I do some exercise and my PQ Reps to set me up for the day. You may be asking what PQ Reps are. They are the basis of the coaching I do on Positive Intelligence® in partnership with Shirzad Chamine. Visit my website to find out more novaassociates.co.uk/positiveintelligence 

3. Be grateful for what you have. I do this by writing a gratitude diary every evening. I write down 5-10 things I am grateful for. It helps me sleep better as I am going to sleep with positive thoughts, not the worries of the day.  

Managers: 5 Ways to Develop Your Positive Mental Muscles for Christmas

4. Keep in touch with positive people. When I am feeling isolated, I make sure I phone a friend who I know will cheer me up. Reach out to people who will uplift and support you- fostering a sense of community. 

5. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth. We all have challenges, so if we accept them we can then proceed to solve them positively. If we dwell on our problems, then we will never get out of our rut. Instead, if we can accept our challenges, and turn them into a gist and opportunity, we will get the best in a difficult situation.  

I believe if we can bring positive mental health into our day every day, we will cope better in these tough times.  

How do you bring positive mental health into your daily life? What do you do for yourself?  

I work in partnership with Shirzad Chamine, using his proven Positive Intelligence® Programme. In the programme, we help you drastically increase your productivity, reduce your stress, improve your relationships, and finally get rid of those dreadful gremlins in their head, so YOU can free up your time to do your job more efficiently. 

Managers: 5 Ways to Develop Your Positive Mental Muscles for Christmas

The Positive Intelligence® Coaching Programme walks you through a step-by-step process to get at the root causes of stress, understand the why behind their thinking and behaviours, and give them the techniques to propel them forward. 

It’s a 7-Week Programme where you will have access to a robust curriculum that guides you from a place of overwhelm to a place of calm. 

I meet with you every single week during the duration of the programme to support and coach you through implementing the Positive Intelligence® techniques. 

And finally, you’ll have access to a proven researched app with weekly lessons and daily exercises to effectively and efficiently change your mindset to one that brings about the changes you desire. 

Don’t let 2024 weigh you down with negative banter. 

If you’re tired of having thoughts like, “I need more time..” or“My team isn’t performing…”, listen up. 

You are a powerful human being. 

You are capable, competent, and confident. 

You are exactly what this world needs right now. 

And I’m excited by the prospect of helping you see exactly that. 

If you’re ready to make a positive change in 2024, book a call with me to explore how the Positive Intelligence® Coaching Programme can benefit you. I’d love to hear from you!