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Has your team lost their confidence?

I’ll never forget one company I worked for where I was so passionate about what I did, I worked overtime, was positive, and loved every day, looked forward to going to every Monday morning.

 Unfortunately, the senior management’s motivation waned, and I lost my buzz. I got to a point where I was feeling sick going to work on a Monday morning saying my mantra, “Smile, be positive, be happy.” And feeling like I wanted to go home. I knew then, this was not good for my mental health.

What should you do as a manager?

As managers, we are responsible for leading our teams to feel confident about themselves and be excited to come to work every day. If we don’t, we will find it difficult to retain them.

Here are 3 simple ways we can boost our team’s confidence:

  • Give them a pat on the back using specific examples.

One manager I had was amazing. I remember so many ways in which she helped me feel confident.

One was saying a simple, ‘thank you’. She didn’t say it all the time, just when she knew we had put in the extra effort. She would also specify why she was thanking me and tell me exactly what I was doing well.

On one particular Friday, she followed me down the corridor as I was leaving, stopped me, and said, ‘I just wanted to say thank you. You have worked so hard this week and achieved so much, particularly with finishing the deadline we didn’t think we would achieve. Well done Clare.’

This gesture has stuck with me for years and I still remember the feeling I had in my heart. I had this warm fuzzy feeling that I genuinely enjoyed the work I was doing as well as my team and that I wanted the best results for them. I felt like I wanted to come to work every day.

  • Smile at your team— it works wonders!

Smiles are the universal way to show others that you’re happy, that you are confident in them, and that you are friendly and approachable.

I remember one manager I had who didn’t naturally smile. I felt really scared of her because her face was quite stern. I always felt like she was in a bad mood. One day she smiled at me when I was giving a presentation. Her whole demeanor changed, I felt like she liked me, continuing the presentation with my head held high, believing I could conquer the world and answer any difficult question.

  • Ask your team for their opinion.

Have you ever had anyone in authority ask you for your opinion? How did it make you feel?

If you ask your team for their opinion, you will not only understand their values and who they are, but you will also help them understand who they are and help develop their internal instincts, becoming more self-aware. This will help them make better decisions and take more positive actions, making it easier for them to find solutions.

As managers, we should be promoting our team to grow, and understand themselves better. The most powerful thing we can do is ask for their opinion, listen to their answers, and make positive comments to boost their confidence.

Boosting your team’s confidence requires a combination of open communication, clear goals and expectations, recognition and rewards, and opportunity for growth and development. As you help them improve their performance, this will eventually contribute to the organisation’s success.

It is critical to remember that confidence is a process, and it is your responsibility as a manager to consistently invest in your team and support their growth and progress.

If this is the work environment in which you want your team members or team of managers to feel more valued and more confident in the workplace, let’s collaborate to plan how I can assist you in motivating them as well as overseeing their mental health so they can be more confident and productive at work.

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