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A-Star Manager Sprint

Be a Coach. Not a Boss.
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Create Change with Confidence

Propel forward with ultimate momentum, focus, purpose, and determination. 

Build Trust

75% of workers who leave their jobs do so because of their bosses and not the position, the role itself, or the company.


increase profits

Engaged employees are more productive, resulting in a 21% increase in profits.

improve productivity

Managers spend approximately six hours per week — roughly 15% of their time — solving work and stress conflicts.

What is a Sprint?

The A-Star Sprint is a short, immediately applicable, process for managerial teams. It is a lightweight yet incredibly powerful set of values, principles, and practices that relies on cross-functional teams to deliver solutions to complex challenges in short cycles, enabling:

Quicker innovation

Every A-Star Sprint ends with a project that applies your learning to a real challenge in the workplace.

Strength in community

You’ll join a cohort of committed, motivated peers to support you, challenge you, and help you keep the momentum going.

Rapid adaptation

Learn how to experiment quickly & economically with business models, processes, and strategies.

High-Touch Support

Our team of professional coaches is here to guide you throughout the entire process so that you get results without overwhelm.

Epic kickoff

  • Familiarise yourself with the platform and Sprint process
  • Meet your coaching team
  • Participate in a warmup orientation activity

idea generation

Collaborate within your cohort to identify a lengthy list of possibilities. We will first examine more traditional ideas, and then branch out to consider the extraordinary.

The purpose is to explore rather than edit, as we consider all possibilities for the challenge we want to tackle.

remix and improve

This is all about inspiration, and sketching competing possibilities. We will review existing ideas to remix and improve.

Then, you’ll sketch your ideas, following a process that emphasises critical thinking over artistry. You’ll consider different possibilities for how to convey your ideas visually. This is a time for ideation without editing.

decision making

In collaboration with your cohort, you'll critique each solution, and decide which ones have the best chance of achieving your team's long-term goal. Then, you’ll take the winning scenes from your sketches and weave them into a storyboard: a step-by-step plan for your prototype. In short, you'll solidify your ideas with a visual commitment.

master plan

As you near the end of the A-Star Sprint, it's time to solidify next steps. Here, you'll assign storypoints, prioritise tasks, create a check-in process, and make any necessary changes.

Sprint Clean-Up

Your cohort will examine what has been accomplished, review backlog, determine accountability measures, and update the roadmap, as needed.

Epic Check-In & Close Out

Review goals and progress against the goals. Celebrate victories and call to attention the lessons learned. Evaluate the Sprint process, and participate in a final livestream. Get excited for the next A-Star Sprint!

Join a vibrant community

Say goodbye to the Monday Dread. Collaborate with generous, ambitious people who will inspire your own growth.




Client Love

“A great way to connect with other managers and learn from them.”

Chris Miles, Contact Centre Manager at The Openwork Partnership