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Cultivating a psychologically safe workplace has never been more important.
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Engaging. Relevant. Needed.

When boring training sessions won’t do, keynote speaker Clare Davis will provide your staff with fresh content that not only engages, but also shifts the needle for your organisation.

Hi, I'm Clare Davis.

Most of us are familiar with Sunday night dread. The weekend has come and gone and with it the relaxed feeling that time belongs to us.

We are left with a knot in our stomach that tightens with every reminder of a pending deadline, another to-do list item, or a difficult colleague. The old saying ‘choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’ has led employers and employees down a faulty path for some time now. 

We start to resent our jobs when overtime builds up, clients are ungrateful, and we feel unsupported by our peers and leaders. Without tools to manage these experiences, stress and frustration easily cascade into burnout, anxiety, depression, and other conditions. 

So, how do we shift the tide and ensure we aren’t adding to the problem?

It begins at the top. 

In organisations where leaders share their experiences with mental health challenges or where managers attend mental health awareness training, employees are much more likely to buy into the solution.

That’s where having an engaging, relevant, and practical keynote speaker comes in.

Leadership is often wary of spending time in dry, dreary training. It often feels like “just another thing” that takes time away from more productive tasks.

When you book with NOVA Associates, however, this doesn’t have to be a concern.


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    • Customised Talks for Your Audience
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    What do you understand about mental health?

    As a manager, do you shy away from the topic?

    In this inspiring keynote, we unfold the stigma of mental health, giving you the knowledge of mental health concerns in the workplace, as well as tools to take back to your team to encourage emotional fitness as well as achieving targets. 

    You’ll walk away with:

    • A deep understanding of the stigma of mental health and how mental health concerns appear in the workplace.
    • Specific motivational techniques to activate higher levels of engagement and performance.
    • Tools to master the three leadership practices of creating an inclusive culture: Connecting, Coaching, and Collaborating.
    • Specific ideas for activating people to be and do their best on the job and in their personal lives.
    • A proven framework to build a culture of trust and resilience.
    • Inspiration to lead at a higher level that will produce greater achievement and results for you and your team.

    Beat Burnout at Work

    Have you ever felt overwhelmed?

    Do you feel like you are on a treadmill and don’t know how to stop?

    Effective leadership is more than driving results and accountability. The best leaders unleash the best in their people so that everyone is able to adapt and thrive in the midst of change, uncertainty, and ambiguity.  

    Our current work environment is changing rapidly and requires every manager and employee to have a continually evolving mindset and skillset to navigate constant disruption. 

    In this session, Clare Davis inspires audience members to evolve their thinking and behaviours, and then challenges each participant to choose to thrive by applying intentional behaviours that include daily behavioural audits, techniques to promote work/life balance, and overworking elimination.

    Attendees Gain:

    • Insight into how our brain helps and hinders us during times of change and disruption.
    • Skills to recognise the signs and signals of impending burnout.
    • Strategies to manage burnout and build resilience.
    • Tools to energise yourself and others.
    • Motivational techniques to help employees achieve at a higher level and love their work.

    Creating Psychological Safety for your Team

    Our emotions can feel like they are on a rollercoaster through times of change in the workplace.

    Does your team feel safe to speak out, or are they humiliated by how others treat them?

    An engaging keynote to help you understand how to create a psychologically safe atmosphere for your team, understand that behaviour breeds behaviour, and encourage you to lead by example. 

    Participants will walk away with:

    • Understanding of a science-based approach to establishing and promoting a mentally healthy culture.
    • A pathway for taking action that builds confidence.
    • A practical strategy for avoiding situational bias, perceived unfairness, or discrimination.
    • Strategies to build momentum and keep yourself motivated throughout the year.
    • Techniques to manage and even expand your team’s resilience through open communication.

    When to deliver a keynote?

    Imagine inspiring your managers to have emotional fitness as well as perform their best to be successful, meet deadlines and collaborate efficiently. These keynotes can be delivered in many settings from: 

    • Opening and closing keynote
    • Conferences
    • Team meetings
    • Annual company meetings