From Silos to Synergy: 3 Proven Steps to Lead a Collaborative Team

Guest blog by Angela Cripps

I became a manager at 18. I managed a team of 4 financial consultants with age ranges up to 40 years old…

Why would they even consider listening to me?!….

Well, yes.

These were my thoughts at the time; I’m sure they are yours now. I learnt some valuable lessons in that year – one being that you must earn and build trust with your team so that you can bring the best out of them, leading them to collaborate effectively. Just because you have the title of a ‘Manager’, that doesn’t mean that you’re their ‘Leader’ yet.

There have been lessons after lessons in the 35 years since, and you never stop learning. Building a truly collaborative team isn’t just about efficiency; it’s about fostering trust, growth, and ultimately, success. 

Here are 3 steps to transform your leadership style and unlock the collective power of your team:

  1. Empower, Don’t Dominate.

Great leaders understand that success lies in the team, not the individual. Let go of the “me” mentality and cultivate an “us” culture.  Focus on developing your team by sharing your knowledge and skills. Remember, a team that surpasses its leader is a testament to great leadership.

  • Embrace Shared Learning.

Ditch the “know-it-all” persona. Humility goes a long way.  Even the most experienced leaders don’t have all the answers.  Show your confidence by encouraging open communication. Welcome your team’s ideas and even their confessions of gaps in knowledge. Learning is a continuous journey, and a collaborative environment fosters growth for everyone.

  • Active Listening is Key.

Actively listen to your team’s perspectives, not just their words.  Whether it’s brainstorming project ideas, gathering feedback, or implementing changes, consider everyone’s viewpoints. Empower your team by incorporating their suggestions and involving them in problem-solving.  Coaching sessions become even more rewarding when you focus on guiding them to discover their own solutions.

By following these steps, you can create a collaborative powerhouse. Remember, a team that works together, thrives together!

After learning these three lessons, I felt more confident in my ability to lead my team so they worked together, in collaboration with each other, while also adapting and developing over time.

I hope they will help you too.

Angela Cripps has written this guest blog. She is an experienced Trainer and the Managing Director at the Recruiting Gym – home of recruitment training, a global training and coaching provider for Recruiters and Recruitment Leaders.

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