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How are you going with goal-setting for 2023?

“But it’s not January yet!”, I hear you say…

 Don’t fall into the trap of not thinking about your goals until late January. We often set short-term goals, but don’t think about our long-term vision and goals until January is over. We should be thinking about them continuously, but particularly at certain times of the year.

 Setting goals does not have to be boring.

An activity I do with my children and husband between Christmas and New Year is to create a vision board for the next year. We get a large piece of paper each and draw a big mind map with pictures and lots of colours. We then laminate it and use this as our placemats for the dinner table throughout the year to remind us of our vision and goals. It is not only a great exercise for helping each of us focus, but it also helps us communicate what each other is thinking.

In your organization, think of creative ways you can set goals with your team. You could always have vision boards around the office.

Here are 8 benefits of setting goals now:

  • Helps you visualise

The biggest benefit is that you can visualise your year ahead. What do you hope to accomplish this year? What are your dreams? Think about your personal life as well as the goals for yourself as a manager, and the goals for your team. Think about your health, your family, and your finances too. They all interrelate and affect one another.

  • Provides direction  

Goals provide you with direction and purpose. They are motivating and assisting you in taking action. They provide a clear roadmap to follow each day in order to achieve the ultimate long-term goal. Setting goals has the advantage of providing a clear timeline with milestones.

  • Gives you focus 

Goals provide a clear focus to assist you in better planning and time management. They provide you with a clear daily focus, allowing you to achieve results faster. Your focus will be even stronger if you set your intentions and desires about what is important to you. Setting goals allows you to avoid distractions, overwhelm, and procrastination.

  • Greater productivity 

Goals are specific details used to track your progress and increase productivity. Goal-setting provides a framework for your progress. Set short-term goals as well. We should set weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual goals to provide milestones, keep you on track, and note your progress.

  • Greater clarity

Goals give you clarity on what’s most important for you to succeed.  Setting goals clarifies deadlines. Without goals, we can waste time, causing us to stop moving forward at work and in life. 

  • Increased accountability

Goals improve your accountability skills by ensuring you understand what you want to achieve and the significance of that goal. They motivate you to take action every day, increasing your accountability by providing emotional engagement and helping you stay accountable through daily actions.

  • Better decision-making  

Boundaries are required when making decisions, and goals assist in creating these limits around your time, energy, and focus, thereby improving decision-making. Having goals provides a clear framework for decision-making when managing your time and energy. It clarifies your goal and aligns your vision with it.

  • Provides motivation 

Goals increase your motivation to succeed by providing excitement and inspiration. Having goals provides you with the extra motivation you may require when you are stuck and experiencing setbacks. When your goals are fun and exciting, you are even more motivated to take action, even when you feel like giving up. 

Managers, the end of the year is here. It’s now time to do goal-setting. This process in management follows a cycle and with all these mentioned benefits, you and your team are bound to succeed when it’s done properly. I believe that goal-setters see the bigger picture of what the organisation is aiming for.

If you are looking for a solution that will make goal-setting strategic and sustainable for you and your team, book a strategy call with me here so I can assist you.