7 Reasons Why Laughter Is Important To Get Results 

Guest blog by Siân Roach 

Everyone feels better after a good laugh—that’s a fact!  

But is it appropriate to laugh whilst at work when we are busy, professional people with growing demands on our time? As a Laughter Coach and Laughter Yoga Practitioner, I say “Hell yes!” 

Hi, I’m Siân Roach, business owner of The Roach Coach, and I’m delighted to write this blog to share why more and more corporate organisations are recognising laughter as an effective tool to boost well-being and team collaboration for a healthy and productive workforce.  

“When we laugh we change. And when we change the whole world changes.” – Unknown 

I love this quote. But it is only when we understand the science of laughter that we can make sense of what this actually means.  

How Laughter Changes Us  

Laughter changes a person’s biochemistry in a way that supports good mental health. The practice of laughter increases the net supply of oxygen in our body and brain, making us feel refreshed, focused, and relaxed. Laughter helps us avoid negative thinking and gives us another outlet so we don’t get overwhelmed. Playfulness cultivated by Laughter Yoga stimulates the right brain activity (the seat of creativity) and this helps to generate new ideas and see new possibilities, building our resilience and helping us cope more resourcefully with life’s ups and downs. 

And this is when ‘the whole world changes’. Once our perspective changes, when we no longer allow negative thoughts to wield power over us and we see the joy in things around us.  

So why should managers encourage laughter within the workplace? Because a happy workforce is a productive workforce! 

Let me share 7 reasons why laughter is important to get results in the workplace. 

  1. Lower stress benefits employees and reduces absenteeism. Laughter is the perfect antidote to stress as it creates chemical changes in our body and brain that lowers stress levels.  
  1. Laughter increases oxygen levels, which boosts our immune system so we fight off illnesses, and revives energy levels. This helps improve our concentration and performance, leading to greater efficiency.  
  1. Laughter lifts our mood within minutes through the release of endorphins which can last in our bodies all day. Endorphins are ‘happy chemicals’; when we feel happy, we act happy, which can help lift the mood in our environment. 
  1. Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. Laughter is a great connector of people as it breaks down all hierarchies, boosts engagement, and improves our communication and social bonds. 
  1. Laughter spurs creativity & collaboration and stimulates innovation. A team that laughs together grafts together! We can create a shared experience by laughing with others, which can bring people together and foster a sense of camaraderie.  
  1. Laughter and play are good for us all – at every stage of our lives. When we do things in a playful manner, they become easier and more fun, and we also get much more co-operation. 
  1. When we laugh on a regular basis, it brings positive attitudinal changes and improved behaviours. It can help to strengthen relationships and social connections. Making laughter a regular part of our lives can have numerous benefits, both for our physical and mental health, and our social relationships. 

So, you see, it’s not just appropriate to laugh at work, it’s essential!  Encouraging laughter and humour in the workplace can help create a positive and enjoyable work environment that can improve job satisfaction and productivity. 

This guest blog has been written by Siân Roach, CEO of The Roach Coach and Executive, Life & Laughter Coaching and Laughter Yoga Practitioner. 

Her Laughter Coaching Programmes and Laughter Yoga workshops are an opportunity to build a happier, stronger, more creative team culture in the workplace, whilst providing a complete workout for health & wellness.  

Check out Siân Roach’s website www.theroachcoach.co.uk 

for more information and contact her if you would like to discuss sharing laughter in your workplace.